Happy New Year 2019 in Korea (North Korea, south Korea), Celebration and Traditions of Korean New Year 2019

The state that’s located in South Asia is termed as Korea. It is split into two countries North Korea and South Korea.  If people like to love and wish to own the grand party of New Year then the best destination is Korea. Korea is where we possess the amazing start of the forthcoming calendar year. For observing Korean New Year individuals from all around the world flocked towards this location. If we need a lot of pleasure and entertainment afterward, Korean New Year needs to become celebrated. For observing New Year in Korea we need to go to its areas. These areas are clarified in another manner.

Happy New year Celebration In Korea

  • Busan

The popular place located in the far eastern corner of that the Korean peninsula is Busan.  Here Happy New Year is distinguished by viewing original sunrise and then we need to create a wish. Haedong Yonggungsa temple is located in that the north-east of Busan. Happy New Year 2019 in Korean personality is going to be celebrated with the stunning sea view of this particular temple. Therefore that this gorgeous location is ideal if we wish to observe Happy New Year 2019 in Korean style.

happy new year 2019 in korea

  • Seoul

The normal method for observing Happy New Year 2019 in Korea (North Korea, South Korea) is ringing of the watershed bell that’s finishing the preceding season and starting the forthcoming year. This bell is popularly known as as Bosingak Bell. This bell is presumed to be rung by 16 individuals containing the Mayor of Seoul. Along using the bell ringing convention, another means to observe Happy New Year 2019 in Korea (North Korea, South Korea) is to delight in the last countdown celebration in Seoul.

korean new year 2019 celebration

  • Jeongdongjin And East Sea

Jeogdongjin Beach is located on the east shore of Korea. For observing New Year’s Day 2019 we may have the opinion of the very first sin of the forthcoming year and beg for receiving the things done such as the booming business, good academic outcomes and great health etc. ) This convention of observing New Year is followed closely later after hearing the ringing of Bosingak Bell. The party of New Year has been continuing by visiting magnificent coastal towns of Sokcho and Gangneung and historic Nakshanda Temple.

  • Jeju Island

Another choice to observe New Year in Korea is Jeju Island. This area is well-known for its striking amazing scenery. Nobody misses the opportunity to go to this place whilst observing New Year. People of distinct areas rushed its summit called Seongscan Ilchulbong for observing initial sunrise of year. The elevation of this summit is 182 meters) 99 sharp stones surrounded the trick of its summit. Its see could be performed via horse riding, boat, bicycle and automobile.

 new year 2019 korean traditions

  • Islands On Han River

(Decision )If you’ve taken the choice to see the areas of Korea for observing New Year then the best location is islands around Han lake . ) There are a few groups of individuals that do not prefer to perform celebration and Islands around Han River is your location that does not contain celebrations and individuals with their nearest and dearest can observe New Year by spending some time in a calm environment of this location. This location is also intended for observing early sunrise of annually together with sharing meals and seeing magnificent fireworks with buddies and loved ones.

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